Your surroundings affect your well being


Walking into an airy room with crisp white linen and the smell of fresh lavender in the air. Thats what dreams are made of. Soaking in a tub with chrome details and a glass of bubbly in one hand. Perhaps thats what dreams are made of. Enjoying a laugh with loved ones on a cold winters day, infront of the fire while you sip on hot cocoa and snuggle in cushy blankets. Indeed thats what dreams are made of. Your space should represent all the things that ignite your passion for living.

What are some of the factors in a home that contribute to your well being?
Your space can filled with many items to give a sense of fullness or toned down to bring about extra room for your mind and body to soak in. The structure of your space should be easy to navigate through to avoid unwanted frustration in your day to day life. The choice of correct furniture plays a part in how you control and own your space.

clutter is inevitable if you live a busy life, but it is better to have a method of cleanup and have a place to set things into. structure brings about security in ones life. When you walk into a hotel room that is neatly set, you are able to relax easiar and let your guard down.

There are two contributing factors in light. Electric lighting and natural lighting. It is often said that one of the cures used to aid patients with depression is exposure to the sun. Ensure that your space has exposure to the sun during the day. This can help heat up the room as well as add a soft yellow glow of vitamin D for our bodies to soak in. Electric lighting helps to set an ambience. There is nothing more mundane thatn to live a life in a dull room. Nowadays there are many energy efficient lighting options to choose from if you are apprehensive of adding extra light to your home due to electricity bills or global warming.

Hotels, restaurants, and boutique shops make use of the natural human senses to allure you into their spaces. Most places ensure that the air smells perfumed or lightly scented so that you are drawn to it and you remember the smell of the place when you leave. A similar concept should be applied to your home to bring about a sense of calmness, energy or even romance. You could add a difuser into your home and change up the scents as and when needed. Your senses can also be cradled by accent colour walls, textured cushions, different types of flooring etc.

Noise and nature
If you live in a crowded city you might grow tired of the noise of movement. One way to soothe the noise in your surroundings is to make use of block out curtains. Alternatively if you live in an area filled with lush greenery and singing birds, it could help for you to ensure this sound carries through your house to bring in nature.

Overall happiness
There is no clear cut way of creating the perfect space for your well being. It all depends on who you are and what you want out of your space. You may be eclectic wanting bright and bold colours or perhaps someone who prefers monochromatic pantones. Nevertheless try to achieve the above mentioned suggestions in your space and work through what works for you and your loved ones.

10 must-have kitchen appliances in 2020 – MIELE


Happy cooks make the best food and what better way to prepare delicious food than with the right equipment. Kitchen appliances add to the aesthetics of the room and with time new innovative appliance add to your collection of preparation tools. Here are 5 Miele branded appliance trends to look out for in 2020.

Built in Ovens
Convectional ovens are a thing of the past as we are now exposed to hi-tech oven that can perform a number of roles. A new trend on the market is the “steam oven”. These are ovens that use hot steam rather than hot air to cook food. This can be used in conjunction with a basic oven or used to replace an existing convectional oven. Built in ovens allow for extra space and a minimalist design.

Multi Cooker
A typical multi-cooker is able to boil, simmer, bake, fry, deep fry, grill roast, stew, steam and brown food. These are functional as they use a timer a pressurised cooking to ensure faster results. It also always for use to minimise the amount of dishes as you can now cook one pot meals easily.

Robot Vacuum
With the advent of technology it is expected that basic household chores should have an easier solution. Miele has a phenomenal robot vacuum to help with daily chores around the house. This little contraption packs a punch as it is able to clean even when you are not at home. You can pair your phone with the latest vacuum cleaners and command it to clean specific areas.

Though it has been around for long, dishwashers nowadays have greater technology built into it. With added energy efficiency and built in or stand alone options, dishwashers add value to your kitchen and your day to day life. Some of the latest Miele dishwasher models allow for better cleaning thus minimising your household chores and ensuring you have shiny pots.

Gas Hob
Miele brands itself to have a gas hob design to suit your kitchen space and lifestyle. Switch out the old solid stove plates for high end gas cookers. Its no hidden secret that gas burners cook better than the normal stove plates. So why not invest in your kitchen with slimline gas hobs.

Increasing the value of your property with renovations


Property renovations – two words that involves a lot of thought, workmanship and investment. Home owners go through a time of deliberation to figure out whether they are ready for a renovation, are they able to afford a renovation and what it the outcome the should be seen after renovation. This can be a tedious process but another question that needs to be answered is : “How will this renovation boost the value of my property?”

According to a survey conducted by “Royal LePage real estate experts” – a kitchen renovation has the potential to boost a property’s value by over 12.5% while a bathroom renovation can boost a property’s value between 2.5% and 12.5%. Come to think of it – potential home buyers usually look for a space that they can grow into. Areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment/living rooms are often the go to factor for home buyers.

Here are some important factors to consider to increase the value of your property with renovations:
Beauty – Over time trends change. What could be great now may change a decade from now. Adding a splash of new fresh paint in a trendy or contemporary color makes a massive difference to the beauty of your home.
More Space – Usually this would mean taking down a wall to accommodate for more space, however small changes such as a new kitchen cupboard design and layout can make a massive difference to your kitchen. With new technology we at Andros are able to offer Canadians innovate space saving designs and layouts.
Energy Efficiency – Swap out old light fittings for new more efficient ones.
Updated Systems and Appliances and Technology – Newer appliances such as fridges, stoves, ovens etc have an appeal to prospective buyers. Not only will you reap the benefits of using these new items but they often add to the appeal of your home. Swapping out the old for something new shows prospective buyers that you have been up to date with maintaining your property. Thus resulting in the belief that they will not have to do much renovating once they purchase the property.

It is important to note that your renovation should be well executed by professionals (such as Andros) to ensure that you reap the benefits of the renovation.