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Your surroundings affect your well being


Walking into an airy room with crisp white linen and the smell of fresh lavender in the air. Thats what dreams are made of. Soaking in a tub with chrome details and a glass of bubbly in one hand. Perhaps thats what dreams are made of. Enjoying a laugh with loved ones on a cold winters day, infront of the fire while you sip on hot cocoa and snuggle in cushy blankets. Indeed thats what dreams are made of. Your space should represent all the things that ignite your passion for living.

What are some of the factors in a home that contribute to your well being?
Your space can filled with many items to give a sense of fullness or toned down to bring about extra room for your mind and body to soak in. The structure of your space should be easy to navigate through to avoid unwanted frustration in your day to day life. The choice of correct furniture plays a part in how you control and own your space.

clutter is inevitable if you live a busy life, but it is better to have a method of cleanup and have a place to set things into. structure brings about security in ones life. When you walk into a hotel room that is neatly set, you are able to relax easiar and let your guard down.

There are two contributing factors in light. Electric lighting and natural lighting. It is often said that one of the cures used to aid patients with depression is exposure to the sun. Ensure that your space has exposure to the sun during the day. This can help heat up the room as well as add a soft yellow glow of vitamin D for our bodies to soak in. Electric lighting helps to set an ambience. There is nothing more mundane thatn to live a life in a dull room. Nowadays there are many energy efficient lighting options to choose from if you are apprehensive of adding extra light to your home due to electricity bills or global warming.

Hotels, restaurants, and boutique shops make use of the natural human senses to allure you into their spaces. Most places ensure that the air smells perfumed or lightly scented so that you are drawn to it and you remember the smell of the place when you leave. A similar concept should be applied to your home to bring about a sense of calmness, energy or even romance. You could add a difuser into your home and change up the scents as and when needed. Your senses can also be cradled by accent colour walls, textured cushions, different types of flooring etc.

Noise and nature
If you live in a crowded city you might grow tired of the noise of movement. One way to soothe the noise in your surroundings is to make use of block out curtains. Alternatively if you live in an area filled with lush greenery and singing birds, it could help for you to ensure this sound carries through your house to bring in nature.

Overall happiness
There is no clear cut way of creating the perfect space for your well being. It all depends on who you are and what you want out of your space. You may be eclectic wanting bright and bold colours or perhaps someone who prefers monochromatic pantones. Nevertheless try to achieve the above mentioned suggestions in your space and work through what works for you and your loved ones.

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